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Sensei Lance Adams:

Sensei Lance Adams is the head instructor and founder of Fudo Shin Jujitsu Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness(FSJ MMA). Sensei Adams started FSJ MMA in 2007 and has trained many students in his twenty year of martial arts study. Sensei Adams have blackbelts and senior rankings in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Combat Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, and Kempo. He has studied many others arts such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Ryukyu Kempo, Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Hakko Ryu Jujitsu, Kobudo, Military and Law Enforcement CQC, and much more. His ranking are registered with the American Jujitsu and Judo Federation(AJJF), United States Judo Association(USJA), International Independent Martial Arts Association(IIMAA), International Karate and Kobudo Union(IKKU), Samurai Judo Association, and serves as the state representative of the IIMAA. Sensei Adams has successfully fought in countless full contact martial arts tournament and competed in many grappling and Judo tournaments. He is also a certified Boxing and MMA judge.

Sensei Adams is a veteran law enforcement officer with over sixteen years of experience. He currently is employed as a senior deputy with the Richland County Sheriff's Department, and is a former S.C. State Trooper and S.C. Department of Corrections Officer. He is a certified Hostage Negotiator, Crime Prevention Specialist, and Project Lifesaver Instructor. He has served on the Civil Energency Response Team(CERT), worked as a Special Management Unit Officer(SMU), and served on the Rapid Response Team(RRT). He brings his extensive reality based law enforcement experience to the training at FSJ MMA.

Sensei Adams believes that your goals is achieved through one way...hard training. Whether your aspirations is defense in the street or the ring, your training should mirror and surpass the expectations you would look for in combat. He utilizes "unorthodox" training methods to help students reach their maximun potential. He believes that no matter how experienced you get in martial arts, you should always be a student. Once you feel you know everything, you will limit yourself and your students in the ability to grow and learn.

"Sensei Lance Adam's Police Combat Ready Training" Click here to see a video.

Fudo shin Jujitsu Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Team

Lauren Loftley: is an assistant instructor in the FSJ MMA Jujitsu program. Lauren holds black belts in Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and is a certified Judo coach through the United States Judo Association. Lauren is an avid practitioner of Gracie Jujitsu under the original Helio Gracie system. Lauren holds a masters degree in public health, and serves as a training officer with the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Gerard Brown: is the head assistant instructor at FSJ MMA. Gerard holds black belts in Jujitsu and Marine Corps Martial Arts. He is a certified kettle bell instructor and the creator of Black Flag Combatives Defense Systems.He has served in the United States Marine Corps. and currently serves in the United States Navy Reserve. Gerard is an excellent instructor in hand to hand combat and mental warfare preparation, and has been an irreplaceable asset to the FSJ MMA family.

Robert Wiggs: is a coach that have over 40 years of Wrestling and Coaching experience. He is a FILA Referee and Judge, National and International ranked Referee, SCUSA Mat Official, NCEP Bronze Level Coach, Assistant Head Instructor for Lower Richland High School, and FSJ MMA Head Wrestling Coach. Coach Wiggs is an Eagle Scout, member of the Knights of Columbus, and member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Jessamine Ali: is an MMA and Fitness instructor with FSJ MMA. Jessamine is a veteran MMA fighter and one of the toughest and most skilled fighters in her weight class. She is the only female MMA instructor in Columbia, SC and is highly respected by men and women fighters alike. She brings her skill to FSJ MMA Fight program to make it the best in the area.

Nate VanBuskirk: is the Muay Thai instructor at FSJ MMA. Nate has over 16 years experience in the Muay Thai art. Nate has served as the Muay Thai instructor for top gyms such a West Palm Beach Boxing and Legends MMA. Nate brings his hardcore instruction and training to the FSJ MMA team to help produce and train FSJ's top fighters in MMA and Muay Thai.

Monica Burns: is one of the instructor's for the FSJ MMA Fit Fighter program. Monica was a high school and collegiate track and field standout, and had tremendous knowledge in the realm of fitness. Monica is also an MMA fighter and has dominated her opponents in the ring. She is also a professional school teacher, and uses her skill to make all our athletes feel at home in the FSJ MMA Fit Fighter program.

Maxton Mejia: is a wrestling coach at Fudo Shin Jujitsu MMA and Fitness. Maxton wrestling accomplishments include being a 2x SC USA Wrestling Freestyle Champion, 2x National High School Coaches Association National Qualifier, NHSCA High School preseason All American and National Champion Runner Up, Team Captain of Spartanburg Methodist College Wrestling Team, and Southern Slam College Tournament Runner Up. Maxton has almost 20 years of wrestling and coaching experience, and owns and operate his own tax firm.

Tony S. Sadler: is a professional boxer and one of the head boxing coaches for FSJ MMA. Tony started his boxing training at the young age of 14 in Charlotte, NC. At 18, Tony joined the United States Marine Corps. as a Navigational Technician on a A-6 Intruder. Tony trained at every boxing gyms stateside, and trained with the USMC Boxing Team. After an honarable discharge from the Marine Corps., Tony attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia,SC, and boxed on the USC Boxing Team. Tony worked with the S.C. Boxing Commission, and was placed as head boxing instructor for the Columbia Police Department Police Athletic League.Tony also hosted the first ECBA National Tournament in Columbia, South CarolinaTony founded Hi-Top Boxing club in Columbia,SC, and trained numerous amateur and professional boxers in that period. Tony had the opportunity to train with notable and famous boxers such as Muhammad Ali, "Smoking" Joe Frazier, and the late Big John Tate. He also trains his son Ty-Keem Sadler, who at 17, is the youngest pro boxer in the nation. Mr.Sadler brings almost 50 years of boxing experience and training to the FSJ MMA family.

Ryan Wineland is the instructor of Reflex and Reaction Martial Arts. Reflex and Reaction is based on the Bujinkan Taijitsu discipline(Ninjitsu) under Masaaki Hatsumi, Togakure Ryu Grandmaster. Sensei Wineland is the only known instructor of Bujinkan in the state of South Carolina, and bring an extremely effective form of hand to hand and weapons training to our school. Sensei Ryan has studied Jujitsu, Kung Fu, and various forms of other martial arts, and combines it to make his instruction complete and formidable. To contact Sensei Wineland directly, please call (803)238-5089.

Cole Yarborough is a coach in our advanced MMA program. Cole is a veteran MMA fighter and boxer, and is known for his hard work ethic, dynamic fighting ability, and excellent coaching skills. He uses his skills and experience to help more experienced fighter take their game to the next level. Known in the MMA cage as the "Cole Train', you will experience first hand how he get's his name.

Mark Glenn(right) is the Youth MMA and Fit Fighter Coach at FSJ MMA. An MMA fighter himself, Mark brings his experience and discipline to our youth to make them better martial artist and citizens. Mark is a respected and dynamic fitness Coach in our MMA "Fit Fighter" class, and is dedicated to getting people in the best shape possible. Mark is a United States Army veteran, and a respected part of the FSJ MMA coaching staff.

PICTURE COMING SOON! Tyler Thompson is a Wrestling Coach with FSJ MMA. Tyler compiled an impressive Wrestling record with almost 200 Wrestling matches and only three losses in his wrestling career! He is a United States Army Veteran, and bring his discipline and experience as an elite wrestler and soldier to our Coaching staff.